AWS Identity and Access Management

Managing Identities Securely With Bitsecure!

Without the right security measures, even the best-laid plans can be derailed. At Bitsecure, we provide the knowledge and expertise required to design and implement complex AWS Identity and Access Management solutions. We help you fully optimize your AWS investments while addressing all the challenges head-on. With us, you will get access to the most complete AWS IAM solution, allowing you to securely connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Design and Architectural guidance is the key to success for any IAM project. That is why we deploy our best consultants with years of experience to help you onboard applications and building IAM infrastructures. Bitsecure integrates with Amazon Web Services IAM solutions to extend protection against critical vulnerabilities and threats.

  • We make AWS IAM solution work right for you

We understand your needs and create an ideal IAM solution suitable for your unique requirements, providing the right access for your digital assets.

  • We simplify security for you

We leverage IAM solutions from the most trusted companies, helping you create a platform that’s reliable, secure, and easy to adapt to.

Identity and Access Management Services

Features of AWS IAM Solutions

Rigid Access Control to AWS Resources

Bitsecure’s AWS IAM solution lets you control access to specific resources with added specific conditions like time of the day, use of SSL or not, whether they have multifactor authentication or not, and so on.

Central Management of Identities and Their Credentials

Providing you with secure authentication and a seamless SSO to any network resource, cloud application or on-premise application, ensuring you the right access in any environment as per the federation standards.

Restricted Access

With AWS Identity and Access Management, you can analyze access across your AWS environment while validating who can and who cannot access the same. In short, you can set privileges for accessing resources and services in use.

Multi-factor Authentication

We help you protect your AWS environment with advanced security features that go beyond basic usernames and passwords while ensuring constant compliance with designated regulations and standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

AWS IAM is used to secure individual and group access to your AWS resources by creating and managing user identities and granting them access permissions for the resources. Permissions can also be given outside of AWS (federated users).

To get started with the AWS IAM solution, it is a must to subscribe to at least one of the AWS services, integrated with IAM. Following this, you can create, manage, and grant permissions to users and groups for secured access.

  1. It allows secure access to your AWS resources to multiple users.
  2. Easy management of IAM users and their access with multi-factor authentication, selective access permissions, and so on.
  3. Allowing access to federated users with temporary security credentials and selective permissions.

Bitsecure is a leading provider of fully managed services for market-leading AWS IAM. We make IAM products work right for you with our technology-agnostic approach and its effective implementation. Right from risk mitigation, full visibility into the organization, compliance and governance to the ability to work within complex IAM environments, we help you deploy complete AWS IAM solutions as per your unique needs.

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