Azure Cloud Security

Bitsecure: Helping You Utilize The Full Power Of Azure

As an experienced Microsoft Azure Cloud service provider, Bitsecure helps you get the most from Azure. We make your journey to the cloud easy as you decide to transform your business into the cloud. Being the experts in modern cloud infrastructure management, we help you with planning, migration, monitoring, and optimization of cloud services, leading to improved cost savings, better security, reliability, and service quality.

Engaging us to integrate your systems into the Cloud means you will get more than just services, which will smoothen up your business’s journey beyond the cloud. At Bitsecure, we help you begin your cloud journey with the best combinations of Azure security services and related products.

  • We offer the best protection for your cloud workloads ​

With the latest security technologies and 24/7 security monitoring, we keep your workloads safe against cyber threats while accelerating your business growth.

  • We ensure complete management of your azure cloud security​

From identity and access management, data classification, and labeling to data governance and application controls, your cloud is safe with our Microsoft azure security solutions.

Azure Cloud Security

Advanced Threat Detection Mechanism

Threat intelligence backed by advanced analytics and detection methods to protect your Azure workloads, services, database, and storage against malicious actors.

Combating Cyber Threats In Real-time

Leveraging next-gen automation platforms with 24/7 security access to uncover the threats and remediate their attacks in real-time.

Vulnerability Management

Bitsecure’s Azure security services help you find vulnerabilities much before they start impacting your cloud capabilities. Thus, reducing your attack surface.

Avant-garde Network Intrusion Detection System

Effective monitoring of your network and identification of suspicious activities with regular alerts and remediation steps.

Security Compliance Standards

Customized compliance and remediation service to keep your resources safe and sound against all the associated risks

Log Monitoring Across Environments

Automatic collection of data across environments while meeting compliance standards and minimizing storage requirements.

Why Choose bitsecure Azure Cloud Security

  • Not just azure cloud security, organizations also need the right planning, effective budgeting, and strategic consulting to stay ahead in the market. And, Bitsecure takes care of everything, helping you to grow and meet new challenges as they come.

  • With comprehensive IT support as our focus, we keep you aware of the changing IT landscape and the latest security issues and help you with technologies that improve your productivity.

  • We are committed to providing you with the best azure security services that derive efficiency, keep you protected, and helps you focus on your core business.

Frequently Asked Questions

It offers real-time protection, scheduled scanning, malware remediation, and antimalware platform updates, leading to a secured cloud environment.

Yes, it is possible. Only security administrator or an owner of that subscription can modify the security policy.

Azure regularly monitors and track threats and suspicious resources, ensuring rapid response to the evolving threat landscape while keeping all its security patches updated from time to time.

It offers many networking options, allowing you to connect with different on-prem services. Azure also provides plenty of services for application hosting and its components. All this makes it a clear choice for enterprises.

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