Azure Identity and Access Management

Bitsecure- Protecting You Against Unauthorized Access

Bitsecure offers Azure Identity and Access Management, a security service by Microsoft Azure that authenticates and authorizes users for secured access. It is Microsoft’s central authentication platform Azure AD (Active Directory) that delivers identity, access management, and security across different devices, supporting various applications in the cloud as well as on-premises.

So if you are looking to control user access across applications and environments while ensuring that your employees, partners, and customer identities are cloud-ready, you will need the right team of experts to guide and support you. This is where the expertise of Bitsecure will help you streamline the Azure identity and access management with their Azure Identity Services.

Understanding identity environments, their regulatory requirements, and privacy policies is a complex task, which is difficult to achieve without the right knowledge. At Bitsecure, we boast of a highly experienced team of Microsoft-certified experts that will help you design and implement the most suitable solution as per your unique requirements. This includes:

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  • Azure Architectural Guidance ​

Right from planning, implementation, migration to technical assistance, we cater to the best architectural design and lifecycle management solutions, ensuring it ascends well with your business.  

  • Round the Clock Service & Support​

Our team of experts securely connect your cloud services and are available 24/7 to assist and guide you throughout the process.

  • Get Most Out Of Your Azure Investment​

Our competitive pricing and best guidance practices and migration strategies will help you get the best value out of your Azure investment.

Azure Identity Services

Protecting You Against Account Hijacking

Not just passwords, Azure IAM offers advanced login methods with extra authentication to keep you safe against security attacks.

Scalable At Its Best

Be it thousands of employees or just a handful of small business users, Azure identity provider is designed to suit all your unique cloud needs.

Robust Integration Across Cloud

Providing access control with third-party cloud services, ensuring complete security of user identities and critical data.

Minimal Downtime

Guaranteeing at least 99.95% uptime of its cloud services with minimum error, which helps you move faster, achieve more, and save more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply set up a single sign-on between your on-premises directory and Azure AD. As long as you are accessing cloud applications through Azure AD, it will automatically drive your users to authenticate with their on-prem credentials.

Yes, it is possible with Azure AD premium edition that provides you with Azure AD Connect Health, which lets you monitor and gain insight into your on-prem identity infrastructure and the synchronization services.

Azure IAM uses a sophisticated strategy to lock accounts after a specific number of failed attempts, which is based on the IP of the request and the entered passwords. In the case of an attack, this lockout duration increases.

Supporting many standardized protocols for authentication and authorization, Azure AD uses SAML2.0, OpenID Connect, OAuth2.0, and WS Federation. For apps supporting only form-based authentication, Azure AD also supports password vaulting and automatic sign-ins.

A unique access policy can be assigned for each application using Azure AD Conditional Access, always requiring multi-factor authentication or when it is not a local network.

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