IT Security Services

AWS S3 Batch Operations: A Beginner’s Hands-on Guide

If you’ve ever tried to run operations on a large number of objects in S3, you might have run into a few obstacles.

Bitsecure Guide on How to lock your AWS credentials to your environment

Effective Defence: How to Dynamically lock your AWS Credentials to your Environment

Ebook Graphic - How to secure Microservices on AWS with cognito, API gateway and Lambda house on guide

How to Secure Microservices on AWS with Cognito, API Gateway, and Lambda: Hands-on Guide

Handling authentication is painful. But most applications need to authenticate users and control what resources they can access.

Bitsecure Guide for AWS serverless backend using lambda

AWS Serverless Backend Using Lambda: Hands-on Practical Guide

Serverless architecture refers to the concept where you give your backend logic to a third-party vendor’s server architecture.