Sailpoint Identity and Access Management

Rethink Identity With Bitsecure’s Sailpoint IAM Solutions

With digital transformations getting easy, our applications, resources, and data are becoming vulnerable to threats. So it’s time we have secure control over our critical information. This is where Bitsecure helps you integrate with the latest Sailpoint IAM solutions, ensuring integrated deployment of Sailpoint technologies into your unique environment. Our strategic advisors, experienced consultants, and delivery experts are well-equipped with the right knowledge to serve your unique needs related to Sailpoint Identity Management.

Bitsecure has the expertise in handling Sailpoint IdentityIQ, an identity and access management solution for customers who are looking for on-premises deployment. With IdentityIQ, the users can participate in a wide variety of IAM processes starting from automated access certifications, password management, policy management to identity intelligence while addressing the various security challenges posed to your organization.

  • Helping you keep your remote resources safe and productive​

With Bitsecure’s Sailpoint Identity management solutions you get secure access to all the important information irrespective of your place of work.

  • Effective management of users and their access rights​

Bitsecure helps you save time and money with its high-end Sailpoint identity and access management solutions that aim at increasing efficiency and IT security.

Identity and Access Management

Sailpoint IdentityIQ Solutions

Advanced Security

Deploying the right technologies to keep you threat-proof with their operational readiness while improving compliance with a wide variety of regulatory frameworks.

Identity and Data Management

Offering a more strategic IDM footing with better security options to overcome rapidly growing unstructured data and providing protection to your vulnerable and critical information.

Access Control

Allowing just the right access for the security of your organization with quick access reviews, automated recommendations, and automated reporting and workflow approvals.

Complete Cloud Governance

Securing your multi-cloud infrastructure and resources against unauthorized access with effective real-time monitoring to help you make informed access decisions.

SailPoint IdentityNow


Quickly identifying risks and stopping it with the power of AI with real-time insights and reporting will lead you to the path of success.


Automating your every move for the security of your company with recommendations and access control powered by AI.


With no maintenance at all, Sailpoint Identity management solutions are faster to deploy and easier to configure without any complexities.

Productivity Booster

With everything on point-right from access to control, you have got all the time to focus on your core business and be productive.

Frequently Asked Questions

SailPoint IAM effectively manages user access from any device to data and applications present on mobile devices, in the cloud, and in the datacenter, creating an identity-enabled enterprise. It concentrates on multi-protocol access and provides complete visibility into what one is doing, what are the associated risks and allows you to take action.

SailPoint Identity IQ is a governance-based IAM solution that focuses more on governance, risk management, and compliance, leveraging a common identity governance framework, ensuring fast and convenient access for a safer and more productive business.

SailPoint IdentityIQ is an easy to use centralized solution with a risk-based approach and unified architecture, which is flexible, scalable, and high performance. It not just supports legacy applications but also the cloud, meeting your needs for not just today’s issues but for tomorrow as well.

With businesses going digital, Identity and Access Management has become both necessary and beneficial. It lets you understand and control who can have access to your critical data while helping organizations to quickly adapt to the changing IT landscape.

All cloud models are supported by SailPoint. Be it private cloud, hybrid cloud, community cloud, or public cloud. However, SailPoint implementation and installation on different cloud models can vary.

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