With cybercrimes being the fastest-growing category of crimes around the world, it’s high time that organizations must ramp up their security systems. There are a number of security products and services available today but the issue with all these solutions is, when implemented, either they have overlapping features or there is negligible communication between the different platforms. This is where Microsoft 365 comes into the picture.

Now it is very obvious to think that data stored in a privately controlled datacenter is safer than the one stored in the cloud. However, it’s a myth. With M365, you get access to a broad range of security features on putting your data in the cloud, which makes it more secure than in on-premises servers.

Microsoft 365 is an integrated solution including Office 365 and Windows 10 Enterprise that comes with leading-edge security features for businesses while empowering the employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Here some of its features that make it one of the most secured cloud services:

  • Multi-factor Authentication: Office 365 has two MFA options. One is a basic, built-in option, which is the most commonly used by most companies. It increases the security of user logins beyond just a password, where the users have to acknowledge a phone call, text message, or an app notification on their smartphones after correctly entering the password. The user can sign in only after this second authentication has been satisfied. The other option is the Azure Multi-factor Authentication, which is an add-on security feature that comes at an additional cost. It is beneficial for those companies that are looking for more control or have some specific compliance requirements.
  • Mobile Device Management: This security feature of Microsoft 365 allows you to have control over the corporate data on different mobile devices. For instance, if an employee leaves the company or loses his personal mobile device, the data of the company will remain protected and the employee’s private data will remain private. This feature comes with multiple options, providing you with different levels of control as per your requirement. Like, the built-in MDM feature allows the employees to access email only through the company-issued mobile devices.

For the employees who need access to more than just emails and will be using their own devices, Microsoft Intune is what they should use. This is an add-on feature, available at an extra cost, which gives you more control over the company data when accessed on mobile devices. Also, this feature safeguards the organizations against risky employee activities by ensuring all managed devices are in sync with baseline security policies. These policies can be custom created as per one’s requirements.

  • Avant-garde Threat Protection: Microsoft 365 takes a layered approach to security, protecting your company against both external threats and data leaks.
    1. You will be protected against sophisticated threats that come via email attachments and links followed by advanced defense mechanisms against ransomware, zero-day threats, and other advance threat attempts.
    2. The company’s sensitive information is also protected from getting leaked, which includes social security numbers, health records, and credit card numbers. By applying data loss prevention policies, all your sensitive information can be saved from falling into wrong hands.
    3. M365 also gives you control over data access, with which, you can manage and control access by applying restrictions while you also get the remote access of lost or stolen mobile devices that allow you to protect the crucial company information without impacting one’s private data.
  • Azure Information Protection Feature: With Microsoft 365’s information protection policies, the user can control and manage the way information is accessed. For instance, it enables you to control who can have access and who cannot. It helps you in the following ways:
    1. It allows you to mark your sensitive information as confidential with restrictions like how it can be shared inside and outside the business.
    2. It lets you remotely remove all the crucial company information from a device without affecting its private information.
    3. With M365, you can apply encryption and restrictions to your emails and documents such as “do not copy,” “do not print”, “do not forward”, etc.

In short, this feature of Microsoft 365 lets you classify sensitive information for the purpose of limited access, where you can define who has the permission to access data and what they are allowed to access. The users are notified as soon as the recipient gets their message. However, if the recipient tries to access something that’s not allowed, the Azure Information Protection feature will notify the sender while instantly blocking its attempt.  

  • Privileged Identity Management: This feature of Microsoft 365 allows you to designate temporary admins by marking the specific users as eligible admins who can request admin privileges when required.  The request is customizable where you can control the time for which they can access the admin privileges and what all information will be required to activate this request. It is always advisable to limit the number of users with admin privileges to avoid a data breach.

So here summarizing the top 7 ways in which Microsoft 365 is securing the cloud and making it a better place to be for all the organizations.

  • It has a wider scope of threat intelligence where links are checked in real-time to alert on the malicious sites, AI-powered attachment scanning is done followed by effective monitoring of Windows devices for suspicious processes such as ransomware.
  • It offers all-inclusive Office365 protections, which include anti-phishing, malware detection, anti-spoofing, safe links, and safe attachments.
  • Along with conditional access, it also enables its users to reset their passwords or unlock accounts with the help of security codes sent to their mobile devices or email addresses.
  • You also get the benefit of features like eDiscovery, litigation hold, and retention policies that are of great help in the event of a security breach.
  • It comes with greater automation so there’s less risk of a security breach, giving you an additional layer of protection.
  • It exhibits uniformity and simplicity. So protection, detection, and response to threats are easier to identify.
  • It creates a smaller breach boundary making it difficult for the attacker to breach your domain and gain access.
  • The cross-application security model of M365 takes your security to a new level, delivering integrated and context-aware security capabilities.
  • Transparency and constant innovation are the other two factors that make M365 one of the most secured cloud services as it keeps on updating its features to a more advanced level, making it safer and better for the users.

Today, an average enterprise uses almost 75 security products for their network security, which incurs not just hefty expenses but a lot of time and attention towards their management too. This is where Microsoft 365 aims to streamline the security processes of the organizations. It not just helps you maintain an advanced level of security but also lets you scale down your existing security products that were just complicating the entire process. With Microsoft 365, you will not just have significant cost savings but also better productivity and improved security.

With cybersecurity, data protection, and regulatory compliance being the important factors for any business today, the inherent protections of Microsoft365 will help with creating, storing, and sending secure documents, emails, and spreadsheets. Security is all about end-to-end protection that ensures the complete safety of the entire organization. With advanced security features of Microsoft365, you can take the security of your business one step higher.

Get started with your M365 subscription today or if you already have one, upgrade it to access its more and better features. Configure a smarter solution for your organization today without compromising your productivity or security.  

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