Improve Your Organization’s Cybersecurity With Bitsecure’s vCISO Services

We at Bitsecure provide strategic security advice whenever you need it. We understand it is not easy to find a security expert with the know-how and skills required to prepare and implement a successful information security strategy for your business. That is why our vCISO services are designed to provide you with expert cyber security governance, advice, and management.

Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services put a stop to problems by facilitating your company to contact an experienced security expert. Our team will assess potential cyber-risks and build the policies, procedures required to grow your security to compliance standards.

  • Independent Advice​

Get the prejudice-free and practical advice required to set your company’s cybersecurity objectives and budget.

  • Strategic Improvements​

Receive gainful insights to execute the security changes and improvements that will be a key indicator to your organization’s success. 

VCISO Services

Security Consultancy

We have dedicated vCISO experts who understand your business environment, industry, and requirements. We create a full-fledged plan to keep your reputation secure.

Incident Response

Our professionals will collaborate with your staff to prepare a complete incident response plan which is an essential element in reducing the impact of the breach in data.

Vulnerability Management:

Our vCISOs use the latest and best enterprise security tools to identify vulnerabilities in your company environment.

Data Classification

We are highly skilled to design a data classification program for your company using the level of security controls.

Risk Management

Our experts are capable to work in collaboration with your audit team to prioritize findings, define practical goals for cybersecurity controls, and help with remediation efforts.

Security Architecture

Your virtual CISO expert is a significant contributor to almost all project development phases and offers support on security architecture design and requirements.

Why Choose bitsecure VCISO Services

  • Reduce your risk profile with our professional Virtual CISO services and support from a dedicated advisor who deeply understands your business environment.

  • Our self-driven virtual CISOs make sure to deliver the adaptability you need to meet the requirements of external influences – customer requests, audit requirements, and growing threats.

  • Bitsecure helps you understand the effectiveness of present-day security controls and processes and get help to communicate risks to important stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

vCISO or Virtual CISO stands for Chief Information Security Officers, which is a service that makes top-tier security experts available to organizations that are in need of security expertise, assistance, and guidance. They help you with information security programs to bring improvement in the company’s security posture.

The tenure of a Virtual CISO in any organization depends on the security status of the organization as well as its budget. Usually, six months time is sufficient to work out on the security situation of an organization.

Before ramping up the security structure in your company, the vCISO will first understand the dynamics of your organization, your business objectives and then accordingly frame a strategy to straighten the security system in your organization, ensuring the success of your security program.

vCISO services are meant for all those who are looking to enhance the security structure within an organization, for the ones seeking cybersecurity advisor, and to fill the security gaps in your information security program.

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